4 Money-Saving Hacks Your Moving Company Might Not Share

We’ve all been there.  Standing in the driveway on moving day, waving goodbye to hundreds of dollars as the moving truck pulls out with all of your perfectly-packed possessions, daydreaming of the million other ways you could’ve spent that $800.  But, let’s face it – coordinating a massive move isn’t easy, and sometimes the expensive way (ahem, hiring a professional moving company to handle the entire escapade) seems more like the only way.  So, if you don’t feel up to the task of going it alone on your next move, use these 4 simple money-saving hacks your moving company might not have told you:

DON’T:  Get your quote online.

You wouldn’t know it unless you’ve called for a moving quote before, but many major moving companies offer significantly better rates when you call to get a custom quote versus using a their online estimating tool.  Plus, when you’re talking to an actual customer service representative rather than plugging numbers into an online form, you’ll have the chance to ask your representative if there are any additional moving specials or discounts available in your area.

DO:  Pack and stack yourself.

Not ready to handle all the heavy lifting that comes along with the move?  We don’t blame you.  But one thing you can do to save loads of dough (and gain peace of mind knowing your valuables are packed to perfection) is pony up to the job of packing yourself.  Most moving companies charge by the hour, so the sooner they can get your belongings loaded and unloaded, the sooner you can stop the ticker on your moving tab.

Consider packing as many small, lightweight objects as you can on your own (think clothes, dishes, and decor) and have them neatly organized as close as possible to the door you’ll be using on moving day. Every box you have ready and waiting near the door is one less time your moving crew has to traipse through your home, up and down stairs, and into other rooms, trimming valuable time and money from your total move.

Want to take it one penny-pinching step further?  Color code your boxes with a different color sticky note for each room in your new home so that your moving crew can see where each box should go, easily and at-a-glance.  It’ll mean less chaos for you to manage on move-in day, and fewer minutes adding onto your bill.

DON’T: Throw away your receipts.

One of the biggest mistakes first-time movers make is not keeping a paper trail of their transactions.  If you’re moving because of a new job that’s more than 50 miles from where your previous home was, your moving expenses could prove as a lovely little write-off come tax season, so be sure to keep track of your spend, from boxes and packing supplies to actual moving service expenses.

DO: Consider your timing.

Another big money-saving moving tip most homeowners miss is choosing wisely when it comes to scheduling your service.  While we know that no one looks forward to schlepping boxes in the snow, look on the bright side – many moving companies’ rates are significantly cheaper in months when the white, fluffy stuff is flying outside.  And, while you can’t necessarily control the season you’re moving in, remember that you can control which day(s) of the week you make your move.  Most major companies have lower weekday rates, as weekends are a more convenient time slot for many customers.  So, if you can afford to skip out of the office mid-week to manage your move, do consider – it might save you more than you think.


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