4 Decor Upgrades You Can DIY Without Hiring A Home Stager

We’ve all seen it – that one home that stands out from all the rest among a sea of lackluster on the MLS.  Why?  Because it’s been staged with sophistication.  Perfectly-poofed pillows.  Just enough (but never too much) wall decor.  A neutral, flowing color palette that screams HGTV Magazine.  And, of course, modern, high-end furniture that looks too beautiful to even think of sitting on.  This is the reality for sellers who can afford to have their home professionally staged and primed to attract the perfect buyer.  But for those of us who can’t quite shell out the extra to hire a pro – don’t sweat it.  There are plenty of quick DIY decor upgrades that’ll have your home listing and showing like a prize pony in no time!

DIY Staging Tip #1: Take Yourself Out Of The Equation.

If you do absolutely nothing else when preparing to sell your home, do this: pretend it’s not yours.  It may sound drastic, but the first and most important step to having your home show ready is de-personalization.  That means everything from removing the massive canvas photo of your entire extended family from the living room wall to taking down your daughter’s name that’s been plastered across her bedroom wall in hot pink painted wooden letters.  While these details may be special and sentimental for your family, they can seriously stand in the way of a buyer envisioning their own family in your home.

DIY Staging Tip #2:  Keep It Neutral.

We know.  You’re spicy, and you just so happen to love that fiery red wall color covering your entire kitchen and dining room.  But keep in mind that, for many buyers, an explosion of color can be intimidating and can be the single barrier between them seeing your home as a space they could love.  So, before you get ready to list, consider whipping out the rollers for a weekend to cover over that loud, royal blue racing stripe inboy’s bedroom upstairs or the granny smith apple green kitchen you just had to have.  Think calm and neutral, and if you’re going to switch things up from room to room, try to stay with similar tones (or, better yet, on the same color chart!), working with the lightest tone on the chart for your main, open-concept spaces and darkening a shade or two for bedrooms or bathrooms.  For inspiration, turn to your old friend, Pinterest, and find pins like Benjamin Moore’s Best Selling Neutrals or Need A Great Greige? My Favorites From Sherwin Williams for ideas from other pinners on how to keep your paint colors approachable without being bland.

DIY Staging Tip #3: Declutter & Downsize.

Just because you have a family of 6 that needs a sectional and 2 overstuffed recliners to pack in the entire crew for family movie night in the living room doesn’t mean your potential buyers will live the same.  But, if you can’t afford new or professionally-staged furniture, don’t fret.  Stand back and take a look at each space and determine what your family can function without while selling that might make your space more appealing to buyers.  That means anything from removing your table leaf if the extra length crowds your dining space to downsizing to just your sectional if you have side chairs or recliners interfering with the flow of your living room.  Keeping furniture simple, streamlined, and properly sized for each space is key in making buyers feel comfortable and non-claustrophobic as they tour your home.

DIY Staging Tip #4: Add Texture & Interest.

When de-personalizing and de-cluttering your home to prepare to sell, it can start to feel like you’re transforming your house into a warehouse.  So, once you’ve stripped out the items that speak loudly to your personal style, be sure to soften each room with some thoughtful, inexpensive details.  Neutral throws with knubby texture and accent pillows with small pops of color can completely soften a space and make your home look lived-in and well-loved without being too style specific.


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