5 Reasons to Become a RE/MAX of Grand Rapids Agent

Being successful in real estate is about more than just your reputation as an agent; it’s about the reputation of your brokerage, your team, and your fellow agents. After all, you can only become your best by surrounding yourself with the best! That’s why we’re sharing 5 reasons to become a RE/MAX of Grand Rapids agent:

1) We’re the #13 brokerage in the entire nation.
Our RE/MAX of Grand Rapids team was ranked 13th in the entire country for 2016 by REAL Trends 500 (based on most closed transactions per agent). After all, more transactions per agent = more experienced agents = the chance to learn and grow alongside some of the industry’s best.

2) We were voted Best Real Estate Agency in Grand Rapids.
Grand Rapids Magazine readers voted RE/MAX of Grand Rapids the Best Real Estate Agency in Grand Rapids last year. That means, when Grand Rapids residents think, “Time to buy or sell!”, chances are, they’re thinking RE/MAX.

3) We’re #1 in Michigan for total homes sold.
Set the selling standard when you join the team that sold more homes in Michigan than any other agency in 2015 — RE/MAX of Grand Rapids! When you do, you’ll contribute to the productivity that makes RE/MAX agents outshine and outsell other agents by more than 2 to 1 (according to REAL Trends 500 data). That means twice as many trips to the closing table, twice as many families helped, and twice as many dreams realized.

4) RE/MAX is the Highest-Ranked Real Estate Brand, 8 years in a row.
Being part of a brokerage as well-known and respected as RE/MAX has plenty of advantages. After all, billions of dollars have been spent promoting the RE/MAX brand, building credibility that translates into transactions for RE/MAX agents.

5) Leads are ALWAYS free.
Think about how much you paid for your last real estate lead. Now think about joining the RE/MAX of Grand Rapids team, where leads are always free! Since 2006, RE/MAX brokerages have provided agents with over 15 million online leads, all with no referral fees — making it easier and more affordable to work on your #remaxhustle!

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