4 Cleaning Cheats That’ll Keep Your Home Showing-ready

When your home hits the market and the showing requests start rolling in, keeping things in tip-top shape can be daunting. But, don’t sweat the small stuff! We’ve got 4 cleaning hacks that’ll keep your space sparkling and show-ready on a moment’s notice!

Lean on Your Littlest Helpers
Have kids? Pets? Both? If so, it’s hard to keep your home clean enough for your own liking, let alone for strangers who might be interested in buying it. And, while the four-legged housemates may not be much help, your kids can be! Engage them in the showing prep process and, parents? Make it fun!

Get oversized organization bins (and let them pick out their own patterns), label them with their names, and make a contest of cleaning up before showings. For every showing your kids help clean up for, let them earn “points” toward something for their rooms in your new home (like wall art or some fun, new printed bedsheets). This way, they’ll be helping tidy up while also getting excited about the transition to their new space.

Stash the Laundry
The last thing a potential buyer wants is to step inside for a sneak peek at your home… and, instead, get a sneak peek at your dirty laundry. So, don’t throw heaps of soiled, wrinkly clothes in your bedroom closets, thinking buyers won’t see them. They will (because who’s not scoping out closet sizes when house hunting?!)

Instead, stash them out of sight (and out of buyers’ minds) where they’ll eventually wind up anyway… the washing machine! Most buyers won’t lift the lid, and you’ll spare them seeing your personal items on display in a wide-open laundry basket.

Focus on Featured Areas
Don’t have time to do a deep-clean sweep of the entire house before each showing? Save the full-on cleaning for special times (like the day before a scheduled open house) and sneak by with smaller touch-ups in between.

When you tidy up for individual showings, focus on the features buyers notice most in each room. For example, a buyer probably won’t notice whether you have a little bit of dust on the baseboards or an unorganized spice rack, but they will notice if your countertops are cluttered with kitchen gadgets or your stainless steel refrigerator is covered in sticky handprints.

Save Time for a Few Special Touches
While creating clutter is the last thing you want to do before a showing, there are a few small, special touches you can add that’ll go a long way with potential buyers.

Fold some fluffy white hand towels and place them in your bathrooms for a fresh, inviting spa-like feel or display a beautiful bowl of fresh fruits (think: lemons, oranges, or apples) on your kitchen island for a pop of color.

Have a chalkboard wall or hanging chalkboard art? Write a special note saying “Welcome Home” to stir up even more warm, fuzzy feelings and leave buyers with a lasting impression.

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