5 Ways To Perk Up Your Pure Michigan Curb Appeal For Spring Showings

It’s almost springtime here in West Michigan. And when the blooms start cropping up around every corner, the home listings often follow. Don’t let your for-sale get lost in a sea of lackluster listings! Before you hit the market, hit the yard: these local landscaping and curb appeal tips for sprucing up your home will leave you singing the joys of spring all the way to the closing table!

Upgrade Your Entry
Sure, what’s inside counts. But the moments leading up to that front door latch clicking open for a showing can be some of the longest and most epic ones for buyers! Make sure your home leaves a lasting impression long before buyers set foot inside the front door. Show your front door some love with a fresh coat of paint (think pops of color, but not too style-specific), choose a cheery-not-cheesy welcome mat, and hang a beautiful, in-bloom spring wreath for a perfectly-composed front porch.

Plant A Pop Of Color
Whether in street-facing fence planters, window boxes, along the walkway, or in groupings of pots on the front porch, small pops of color can be the eye candy that sets your home apart in a sea of spring listings. Try blooming beauties that are both beautiful and fragrant to excite buyers’ senses as they approach your front door:  gardenia, peony, and lilac are local Pure Michigan spring favorites that smell as incredible as they look!

Fake It With Front-Yard Living
Trying to compensate for a lack of backyard? Stage your stoop even further to emphasize front yard living! Try simple, beach-inspired Adirondack chairs with colorful, oversized throw pillows in an outdoor-friendly fabric. Or, place a beautiful stone garden bench around a cozy, DIY front-yard firepit and show those buyers that there can be a party in the front and the back!

Pull Out The Power Washer
One of the biggest turnoffs to buyers as they approach a home is seeing siding, garage doors, and more that are stained, soiled, and downright sad. Beg a friend, borrow from the neighbor, or rent one if you must, but DO pull out the power washer before selling your home this spring. Seeing sparkling clean siding, doors, and fixtures will let potential buyers know that you haven’t “let it all go,” even if you are ready to let your home go.

Add A Fresh Layer
No matter how much you dread endless hours of spreading mulch, coat your beds with a fresh layer before you schedule showings. Nothing says, “For sale, don’t care!” like a patchy, sun-worn mulch bed. Many West Michigan landscaping companies can accommodate same-weekend (and even same-day) mulch drop-offs. You pick the color and the quantity, and they’ll bring a hearty pile of fresh, gorgeous mulch to your designated drop spot.

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