3 Big Mistakes That Might Sabotage Your Home Sale (And How To Avoid Them)

Selling a home you’ve lived in (and loved!) is a big decision… not to mention a financial and emotional one. But, just because you’ve hung your hat in a home every day for the last decade doesn’t mean you’re the right person to help when it hits the market. Sellers, step back: rest, relax, and let the professionals (our RE/MAX of Grand Rapids professionals) lead you all the way to a successful home sale, so you can avoid these 3 huge mistakes most sellers make:

Mistake #1: Thinking You’re A Real Estate Agent

We get it, sellers. It sounded like a great idea to stay up until 2 a.m. writing your own new listing description the day before your home hit the market. Because you know better than anyone else what the best features of your home are, right? Wrong. While your agent will surely appreciate you spending the time to compile a few highlights of the home (like thoughtful upgrades you’ve made or what you love about the cozy, quiet feel of the cul de sac), it’s best you leave the actual wordsmithing to the pros. After all, your agent knows which buzzwords hit big with buyers, and which sayings will cause your home to get swept away in a sea of lackluster listings.

Mistake #2: Thinking Your Taste Is Everyone Else’s

Sure that shiplap bathroom wall will be the DIY-loving detail that’ll send your home soaring straight past list price and into an above-ask offer? Convinced those apron sinks and farmhouse fixtures will leave buyers practically throwing their checkbooks at you? Be sure to give yourself a little extra dose of “real estate reality” and talk yourself down from overvaluing, overselling (and being overly-protective of) features of your home you feel you’ve personalized and “perfected”. After all, just because you love a color-blocked statement wall or a bold bathroom tile doesn’t mean all buyers will. So, be sure to listen to your realtor and take their advice on which features will resonate with buyers (and which upgrades add actual value to the home).

Mistake #3: Thinking You Don’t Have To Budge

Accepting an offer on your home doesn’t mean the fish can’t still wriggle off the line. Don’t plant your feet firmly, draw a line in the sand, and expect to still sail through inspections and negotiations without a little give and take. After all, most inspections reveal at least minor repairs to be made (some of which your buyers may want a little help with) and many reveal bigger issues that might cause buyers to beg for some additional closing costs. Be ready (and willing!) to meet in the middle and make your sale go smoothly. While you don’t need to give away the farm, it’s best to be flexible and fair. For instance, don’t waste time bickering over a $40 light fixture or a quick-and-easy furnace filter replacement. These kinds of simple concessions can go a long way with buyers and show them that you’re willing to give a little to get a little.

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