Your Grand Rapids Guide To Growing The Perfect Michigan Garden

Pick out your seed packets, pull out your planters: spring is finally shining on us here in West Michigan, and there are plenty of ways to get those green thumbs going in a big and beautiful way. Get ready to plant, grow, and sow your way to a gorgeous Grand Rapids garden (floral or edible!) when you make the most of these West Michigan gardener’s favorites:

Plan Before You Plant

Any gorgeous garden starts with an equally good plan for how to get there. So, get past your pride and go straight to the experts! Ask the garden gurus at whichever nursery or supply company you frequent; these knowledgeable pros are ready to help you know and grow all the way to a gorgeous Grand Rapids garden!

Still need a little extra guidance? Try this simple, step-by-step tip sheet on How To Plan Your Garden by the local growing experts at MSU Extension, or create a delicious food factory in your own backyard by following their month-by-month Vegetable Garden Planting Calendar! Already have a handle on what (and where) you’d like to plant? Use Michigan Gardener’s helpful Soil & Mulch Calculator; it’ll keep you from buying too much or too little of the good stuff you’ll be growing in.

Get Some Garden Inspiration

Feeling a little uninspired this season? Not sure where to start in designing your outdoor oasis? Get inspired when you get to Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park this spring to get tips, tricks, and total garden envy:

Pruning, April 11
Fresh Plates: The Elegant, Edible Landscape, April 12
Beginning Vegetable Gardening, April 20
Hydrangeas Demystified, April 26
Gardening In The Shade, May 3
Landscaping With Native Plants, May 17
Plant An Herb Hanging Basket, May 18

Pick The Best Product

Ready to get growing? Don’t just settle for some picked-over packets and sad seedlings from the grocery store! Frequent these well-stocked West Michigan favorites and spend hours (days… weeks…?) scouting the pretties that’ll make your garden pop with color and flavor! Best of all, these gardening havens are not only brimming with the best in garden supplies, but they’re staffed by some of the brightest green thumbs and growers around, and they’ll gladly share their trade secrets to help you pursue your perfect planting season:

Countryside Greenhouse
Creekside Garden Center
Harder & Warner Landscaping & Garden Center
Horrocks Market
Huizenga Bros. Greenhouses Inc.
Knapp Valley Gardens
Koetsier’s Greenhouse
Kregel’s Landscape & Garden Center
Lincoln Nurseries Inc.
Ludema’s Floral & Garden
Romence Gardens & Greenhouses
Rosemont Nursery
Thornapple River Nursery
Twin Lakes Nursery Inc.
William Bos Greenhouse & Farms

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