Must-Ask Questions When Choosing A Realtor: For Sellers

Selling a home you’ve lived in and loved can be a big (and daunting) decision, both financially and emotionally. But preparing to take the plunge of hitting the market doesn’t mean you have to face the unknowns alone! Do it with the help of a trusted realtor, and prepare to enjoy the experience with ease, all the way to the closing table. Don’t know of a realtor you trust to take on your listing just yet? Be sure to ask these 6 questions to help you choose the right agent with confidence:

Must-Ask Question #1:
How many homes do you sell (on average) each year?

While it’s not the only indicator of success for an agent, asking this question in advance can help you gauge whether or not your realtor is well-respected and widely used by other sellers. Last year, our RE/MAX of Grand Rapids brokerage was ranked #1 in Michigan #13 in the entire nation for total homes sold (based on RealTrends Data), giving our clients peace of mind that working with a RE/MAX of Grand Rapids agent means working the industry’s best.

Must-Ask Question #2:
Do you specialize in selling homes in our area/neighborhood?
While annual homes sold can be an indicator of an agent’s overall success, knowing what level of success they’ve had selling in your immediate area doesn’t hurt, either. After all, an agent who understands the subtleties of a certain market (or what features buyers are typically banking on in a particular neighborhood) is an agent who can bring you one step closer to your buyer.

Must-Ask Question #3:
How will you market our home?
While you don’t need to know all the ins & outs of how your realtor will go about getting the job done, it’s important to understand the basic approach they’ll use to bring buyers to your door. Find out which home search sites (in addition to the MLS) you’ll be listed on, whether your agent plans to host an open house, and whether they plan to market your home using social media, direct mail, and more.

Must-Ask Question #4:
Who do you think our target buyer is and how can we reach them?
While promoting an ultra-modern studio apartment with a flashy ad on Instagram or an upscale video production on Vimeo might help you target high-earning millennials in search of Downtown Grand Rapids living, this same approach might not work as well for a traditional 2-story on remote acreage. If you’re not sure whether your agent understands who your home might appeal to, be sure to ask the question (and listen intently to the answer). After all, your home needs to be marketed to the best set of potential buyers — and that means finding them on their most loved and used platforms.

Must-Ask Question #5:
How do you communicate with clients?
Communication is key throughout the entire process of selling a home. Make sure your listing agent has a plan in place to keep you up-to-date and in-the-know on what’s happening with your property at all times. You’ll want to be clear on how you’ll be notified of showing requests, how often (and in what format) they’ll provide marketing updates on what’s being done to showcase your property, how available they make themselves to clients who have questions outside of regular business hours, and how quickly you can typically expect a response.

Must-Ask Question #6:
Where would you price our home?
Many sellers view this question as the #1 must-ask (and many sellers simply work with whichever agent agrees to list their home at the highest price). But simply telling you what you want to hear (and potentially pricing your home way outside of market value) just to get your listing is a major red flag, especially if your agent can’t deliver. Our RE/MAX of Grand Rapids agents sold their listings at 100% of list price in just 25 days last year (52% faster than the market!), and they’d love to help you do the same. Best of all, our agents have years and years of expertise (and a talented team of other agents they network with daily), giving you the ultimate in expertise when it comes to market knowledge and pricing strategies.

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