3 Secrets To Selling A Home With Pets

While some might think of pets as a hindrance to the home selling process, there are plenty of ways to help your home sell (and show like a well-groomed Sheltie!) when you have live-in furry friends. So, don’t kick out Fido and all his favorite things just because you’re moving up and out! Find ways to leave your pet incorporated throughout the home without turning off potential buyers when you keep in mind these 3 simple tips for selling a home with pets:

Tip 1: Display tasteful animal accessories purposefully and proudly.

While we don’t recommend a neon, personalized doggie bowl placemat or a massive, fur-covered cat perch that takes up half your living space, it’s okay to leave some thoughtful details in place that show buyers your home can be perfectly pet-friendly. After all, 56% of homes now have pets according to realtor.com, meaning there’s a good chance your potential buyer could have a feline, canine, or other furry friend in mind (and in-tow on move-in day)!

We recommend small, neutral, and stylish pet details, like a luxurious, canvas leash hung from a hall tree hook or decorative rack near the entryway, a sophisticated mat for wiping feet (and paws!) on the front porch, or even a classic looking canister set to keep pet treats organized while keeping sloppy, smelly food and treat bags out-of-sight.

Tip 2: Yes to pet photos, no to pet fur.

Home stagers and trusted realtors alike often recommend against over-personalization in the home for listing photos and showings (think: entire wall-sized canvases with blown up pictures of the kids and fireplace mantles packed with frames featuring every member of your extended family). And while this level of over-personalization is a big no-no, showcasing your pets by way of a beautiful frame (rather than a fur-covered couch) is the perfect way to say “pet-friendly” without saying “filthy”.

Tip 3: Take time to honor Roscoe’s space, tastefully.

While your dog, cat, or other pampered pet might not be able to part with that huge, overstuffed (and over-worn) pet bed with stains everywhere and stuffing falling out of the sides, be sure to put it away for photos and showings. Instead, opt for a beautiful faux fur rug at the foot of the bed that doubles as a cozy place for a pet to curl up, without putting the thoughts “dingy” and “dirty” in buyers’ minds (even if you swap it back out immediately after showings)!

With these simple tips for how to sell a home with pets, you’ll keep Fido and Fluffy both happy without keeping your home on the market any longer than it needs to be!

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