3 Simple Room-By-Room Staging Tips That’ll Wow Any Buyer

When getting ready to sell your home, it’s easier to throw your hands up in the air and list as-is (while you run out the front door screaming, “Not my problem anymore!”) than address all the down-to-the-wire details. But before you pull the plug on all those last-minute touches, remember: simple staging done right can make all the difference for a buyer teetering on the edge of indecision, and can help showcase your home in a way that’ll warrant better (and more!) offers. So, before you begin showing your space, consider these 3 simple, room-by-room home staging tips that’ll leave a lasting impression:

Simple Staging: The Kitchen
If you de-clutter any room in your home prior to showings, make it the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the home, not to mention a room where buyers are especially on the lookout for cleanliness and order. So, tuck away that disheveled pile of two-week-old mail, put away your kids’ collection of sippy cups, take down the stickers stuck to your fridge, and remove all unnecessary appliances and kitchen gadgets from your countertops (think: coffee makers, butcher block knife sets, and even that Cuisinart stand mixer you simply had to have on your wedding registry… but haven’t used since).

Once your countertops have been cleared of clutter, clean them ’til they shine and set out a decorative bowl or glass cylinder vase filled with citrus fruits (like lemons, limes, or oranges) to add a beautiful, purposeful pop of color. Hint: don’t forget the pantry and other front & center kitchen storage areas. Serious buyers may be looking to see if they’d have enough space for their own pots and pans, so don’t use the “stash everything behind closed doors” method in the kitchen if you can help it!

Simple Staging: The Bathroom
It’s hard for potential buyers to find that “spa-like” feel they’re hoping for when they’re staring at almost-empty bottles of cleaning products, stacked rolls of toilet paper, and dog-eared magazines sitting sadly near the toilet in a worn wicker basket. Put these vibe-killing items out of sight and out of mind (neatly organized in the back of the bathroom vanity or linen closet) and put your best foot forward. Start by streamlining your products in the shower (believe it or not, buyers will peel back the curtain to look), then remove unsightly staples like toilet brushes, shower cleaner, and more. Once you’ve tidied up and scrubbed down, place some plush, white handtowels  (folded neatly, or rolled for that spa-inspired vibe) near the sink alongside a simple, yet decorative handsoap pump.

Simple Staging: The Bedroom
If there’s any room in your home where less is truly more when selling, it’s the bedroom. After all, buyers want to feel like they’re inheriting a serene space where they can escape — not a catch-all multipurpose storage room. In fact, staging a bedroom (especially the master) with multiple uses can actually harm your sale rather than help it, as buyers might believe there aren’t enough rooms in the home to meet their family’s needs.

Opt for basic furnishings (bed, dresser, nightstands, and softly-lit lamps) and weed out any unnecessary furnishings and decor. Try a timeless-not-trendy wood or mirrored tray on the bed, complete with an inviting candle, small flower arrangement, or other decorative relaxation essentials like linen spray. Add a few (but not too many) accent pillows and a cozy-yet-chic throw draped beautifully across the end of the bed (and be sure that all unncessary items like unsightly alarm clocks, unmentionables, and more are stowed neatly in a closet or dresser drawer).

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