4 Small Fixes That Make A Big Impact On Buyers

Ready to sell your home but not ready to drain your savings making last-minute improvements? Focus on the frugal fixes that go miles and miles with buyers when you keep in mind these small-scale upgrades that are sure to make a big impact on potential buyers:

#1) Make a grand entrance.
Believe it or not, a well-styled and welcoming front entrance can make all the difference in leaving a lasting first impression on potential buyers. So, don’t just leave it up to the landscaping and green space to sell your home’s exterior – take the extra steps to stage your entryway right! Start by putting a fresh coat of paint on your front door, as it’s the first thing buyers will see when approaching. Think colors that are eye-catching without being eyesores, like a rich, gray-green for homes with earthy-colored brick or siding, or a deep cerulean blue or classic black for homes with grey siding. After you’ve perked up your front door with a coat of fresh paint, add a cheerful-not-cheesy doormat where buyers can wipe their feet before showings, a lush, seasonal wreath (think timeless, elegant classics like boxwood or olive branch), and add a pair of Adirondack chairs or other inviting seating if porch space allows!

#2) Fine tune your fixtures.
While it may not seem as significant as a fresh flooring or some flashy new appliances, updating your fixtures to one consistent look throughout the home can be a quick and relatively inexpensive way to take your home from dated, dingy, and downright scattered to clean and cohesive. Start with major fixtures (like swapping that dated faux-crystal chandelier for a statement-making oversized linen drum shade or industrial modern fixture) and be sure to follow suit with your smaller fixtures, like flush-mount lights, door handles, and closet pulls. Updating all your fixtures to one consistent finish and style shows attention to detail and pride of ownership, while inexpensively giving your home a more consistent flow and feel throughout.

#3) Get a handle on your hardware.
Can’t afford a major kitchen or bath remodel, but have a space that could use some serious sprucing up? Say bye-bye to those chiseled faux-crystal bathroom vanity knobs and ornate 70’s-inspired cabinet pulls and upgrade your design on a dime by giving your existing cabinetry a budget-friendly facelift with fresh, modern hardware. Be sure to pick hardware that modernizes the look of dated cabinetry while keeping with the feel of your home (think: chunky oil-rubbed bronze pulls for a modern farmhouse feel, or edgy finds like modern brass with clean long lines for a mid-century modern revival).

#4) Add character on the cheap.
One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to add character to a home that’s lacking is by incorporating wall treatment techniques that are timeless, not trendy (and we’re not talking faux paint finishes and floor-to-ceiling wallpaper). Incorporate elements that feel architectural and original to the home, even if they’re not — like a bathroom bordered in all-white board & batten, an office or den with cozy and classic picture molding, or an entryway that welcomes guests with beautifully painted wainscoting in a crisp white or a soft, dove grey. (Hint: don’t cut corners if going DIY! While they’re all do-able as DIY projects, mis-measured, hastily installed, or poorly painted wall features will stick out like a sore thumb to potential buyers if not done right! So, when in doubt, rely on a trusted, licensed contractor.)

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