How To Keep Your Home In The Holiday Spirit Without Turning Off Buyers

Sure, selling your home around the holidays means creating cozy vibes for days. But it also means channeling your Christmas spirit in ways that are tasteful, not tacky. Keep these tips for selling your home around the holidays in mind, and you’ll be feeling all the Christmas cheer come closing day!

De-personalize your decor
While those sentimental, homemade pinecone ornaments and hand-cut snowflakes your kiddos made in the third grade hold special meaning in your heart, they’re probably not the way to get buyers to envision your space as their own. Look to de-clutter and de-personalize your holiday decor, leaving only simple, streamlined decorations in place. Hundreds of holiday cards plastered across your refrigerator? Gone. Collectible Christmas figurines tucked in every nook and cranny around the house? Lose those, too! After all, potential buyers want to feel the warmth and welcome of a home that’s loved and lived-in, without feeling overwhelmed by your personal belongings.

Stay in line with the houses next-door
Live in a neighborhood where six-foot-tall inflatable Santas and doorways dripping in blinking icicle lights reign supreme? Then, by all means, do your decor accordingly (think: tasteful and neutral, yet festive finishes like off-white glowing lights and rich greenery and garlands) without going overboard. After all, you don’t want to be the Grinch on the block, but also don’t want to be the end-of-the-cul de sac eyesore!

Keep it classic (and classy!)
Dying to buy that farmhouse front door sign that screams cozy, Christmas cheer? Keep in mind that potential buyers may not share your excitement for Fixer Upper-style farmhouse decor or Christmas chachkis. Instead, opt for timeless, traditional garlands and greenery, birch logs, berries, and branches. Hang a full, festive wreath on the front door, create a scent experience with cloves, cinnamon, and cider simmering on the stove, and decorate your home with delicate, tasteful touches that say “cozy not cheesy”.

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