3 Easy Ways To De-clutter Your Bathroom

Let’s air it out: your bathroom is the place where all those tiny shampoo samples, re-gifted holiday hand soaps, and hoards of kids’ bath toys pool into one unsightly mess. That’s why we’re sharing these 3 tips for how to de-clutter your bathroom… for showings, and for good!

Snag Every Bit of Space

The bathroom is prime real estate in any home, so carve out every last inch by converting unexpected, underutilized spaces into added storage. Working in really cozy confines? Try hanging storage on the back of the bathroom door for necessities like robes and towels, or even use an over-the-door decorative hanging basket for backstocks of toilet paper and toiletries. Other options to consider? A stack of decorative open shelves above the toilet doubles as wall art and instant storage when you display a beautiful line of bath products, and in-tub toy organizers help keep your kiddos’ favorites at-the-ready without being in the way.

Behold: The Bins!

Whether dealing with open-air storage or under-the-sink cabinet space, bins are your best friend. Start by removing all products and tossing any past their expiration dates (use an online cosmetic calculator to check your products’ shelf life if you’re unsure). Then, place products back under the sink, but only once they’re organized by type (all makeup together, all cleaning products together, all paper products together). And hold yourself to the “if it’s not in a bin, it doesn’t go in” principle. This will help avoid that messy stash of lotions and lipsticks at the back of the cabinet that never seem to find a real home.

Separate “Someday” From “Everyday”

When it comes to a well-stocked meets well-organized bathroom, not all items are created equal. That rejuvenating seaweed face mask you bought six months ago and promised to pamper yourself with? It hasn’t exactly earned a prime spot in a drawer or on a shelf. But those everyday items you grab most (hairspray, grooming products, and essential toiletries like face wash and night cream) have. So, keep the items you use daily within arms’ reach in the most convenient, top-level drawers, and stash your backup supply and lesser-used pampering products (like exfoliants, face masks, or special occasion makeup) in the back of the cabinet or in a lower-level drawer that’s not as easy to access.