How To Hide Your Clutter For Showings (And For Good!)

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all keep our homes ready to show on the drop of a dime, at all times? But this is real life: and with that comes real responsibility, real children with tons of toys, and all-too-real amounts of laundry. So, while you may not be able to keep your home perfectly polished at all times, you can use these simple tips to disguise clutter and chaos when it matters most: showing time!

Ditch & Donate

Before you can hide the clutter, you have to be willing to part with some of it first. With less stuff standing in the way, you’ll give buyers a better chance of seeing your home for what it could be. Involve the entire crew (even the kids!) and go room by room, selecting items to ditch and items to donate. Pack up any clothes more than one size from your current, weed through toy bins, and part with any gifts and gadgets you’ve held onto out of guilt. Not only will ditching and donating unnecessary items help buyers see your space more clearly, it’ll help you bring less baggage into your new home.

Think Like A Buyer

As a seller, it comes second nature to shove everything haphazardly into closets before showings. But sellers who see beyond the immediate need to hide their clutter know that closets are one of the first places potential buyers will look. After all, it’s only natural for buyers to scope out a home’s storage spaces (on closet shelves, inside cabinets… even under the stairs!), so avoid the urge to stow everything there just to keep your main living spaces clean. Instead, first follow the rule to ditch and donate, streamlining your belongings. Then, tackle closet organization well ahead of listing to resist cramming every nook and cranny with a five-year supply of wrapping paper and your kids’ entire toy collection.

Keep Eye-level Cleanest

While it’s true that most (if not all) buyers will open closet doors and cabinets to scope out the potential storage space, you’re unlikely to find a buyer climbing up to check out the highest shelves in your closet or getting down on the ground to see beneath the bedroom furniture. So, if you still find yourself with clutter you simply can’t find a place for, try stowing it neatly in low-traffic areas where buyers aren’t as likely to notice. Think: decorative bins on high-level shelves in your closets, or clear storage totes tucked neatly beneath beds to house off-season wardrobes and more.