3 Ways to Warm Up to a New Neighborhood After Moving

Whether you’re moseying just a few miles up the road or relocating to an entirely new city or state, making the big move can feel like a messy transition. So, instead of just finding ways to make your new house feel like home, go one step further with these creative ways to warm up to your new neighborhood!

Host an after-the-fact open house.

If inviting an entire block of strangers into your home just weeks after you’ve moved sounds terrifying, you’re not alone. But, hosting a neighborhood “open house” as soon as you’re settled can be a great way to meet as many neighbors as possible in a short amount of time — all while getting a feel for the other families and potential friends that surround you. Serve simple snacks and drinks and invite your neighbors at least a few houses down on each side of the road with an informal, handwritten invite.

Clean the garage and garden beds.

Simple as it sounds, time spent sweeping out the garage or weeding the garden beds can provide your new neighbors that perfect opportunity to swing by and introduce themselves. Many neighbors won’t come to your front door for a meet-and-greet after your move for fear of imposing, but are much more likely to pop over on their way to the mailbox if they see you’re already outside. So, spend some time on those much-needed tasks after move-in, and get ready to greet any neighbors who spot you!

Make some special deliveries.

Still have some nearby houses with people you haven’t stumbled upon in your first few weeks since the move? Consider making some special deliveries to introduce yourself and make nice with the neighbors. Go door-to-door with a simple, small, homemade treat like cookies or caramel corn, wrapped in cellophane — with a personalized tag that reminds new neighbors of your names!