5 Tips to Help Prep Your Home for Fall Showings

Under the impression that spring and summer are the only good times to sell your home? Don’t be! Fall can be the perfect time to hit the market, too! Tuck away these tips for selling your home in autumn, and you’ll be one step closer to closing day — even if the leaves are falling and the snow’s about to start flying!

Find Other Ways to Add Curb Appeal

Nothing says, “Buy me!” quite like a lush lawn of green, well-groomed grass and planting beds filled with beautiful perennials. But, if you’re not selling in the full-bloom of spring or summer, there are still plenty of ways to add curb appeal!

Make sure your front door is freshly painted in a color that’s complementary to your exterior, then accent with a tasteful wreath (think: boxwood, seasonal berries, or wheat). Add an understated welcome mat, then frame your porch with classic touches — like dim-lit lanterns and beautiful planters of rich-toned mums (at varying heights to create visual depth).

Cozy it up With Fall Textures and Tones

Beachy-blue accent pillows and summery florals? Gone! Instead, opt for warm, autumnal tones  —  burnt oranges, golden bisques, and deep, earthy greens  — without going over-the-top. Make your home’s interior more inviting by adding texture and warm, cozy touches —  from knotty, woven throw blankets to layered pillows (in tone-on-tone, textured fabrics like herringbone or tweed).

Add in an Autumnal Scent Experience

While you never want to overwhelm buyers with overpowering candles or air fresheners, there are ways to incorporate a subtle scent experience that’ll leave them feeling all the fall vibes. Think soft, spiced scents — like nutmeg, star anise, or whole cinnamon sticks — and infuse them naturally by displaying them in decorative glass containers.

Think Cozy, Not Creepy

While friends and family may love your love for all-things-Halloween, potential buyers might not. So, instead of fake cobwebs and scarecrows scattered across the lawn, think decor details that are seasonal, but not holiday-specific. Decorative assortments of pumpkins and gourds can make great accents  — if done tastefully and to-scale  — while orange LED lights tacked up across every doorway could certainly scare off buyers.

Top it All Off with Treats

It doesn’t hurt to add a little something extra to your home showings, any time of year. But, fall is the perfect time to go the extra mile with a seasonal treat that’ll delight potential buyers. Consider baking a homemade pie before your open house (the scents will serve you well, too), or set out treats like spiced molasses cookies and snickerdoodles. Hand-dipped, gourmet caramel apples are another easy treat… that you can store-buy and serve up in creative ways!