3 Ways To Make Moving In Winter Less Painful

When the halls are decked and the tree is trimmed, the last thing you want to think about is boxing up hundreds of heirloom ornaments and packing up presents in U-haul boxes. But, if you have to uproot around the holidays, try these tips that’ll make your winter move less painful and more cheerful!

Protect Your Most Precious Items

Hiring professional movers? They’ll know the best techniques to keep your items safe in transport. But, if you’re moving by yourself mid-winter, keep in mind: cardboard soaks up water easily and quickly. Consider shrink-wrapping any water-sensitive items, cover artwork in layers of plastic wrap to keep it well protected, and enclose anything you’re especially nervous about in contractor-grade bags for extra protection. And, when in doubt, turn to our list of strange packing hacks that’ll save your stuff when moving!

Keep A Clear Path At Both Homes

Movers or no movers, you’re going to need a clear, well-shoveled path to bring in boxes to your new home. So, don’t just dust off the drive at your existing home. Make provisions at your new home, too! Shovel an extra-wide, ample path to your home’s easiest access point for getting bulky items like sectionals and mattresses inside, and keep it well salted leading up to move-in morning.

Set Up An Efficient Assembly Line

Whether you’re going with movers or going it alone, setting up an unpacking assembly line is essential to any move, especially in winter months. Designate one staging area where you can set boxes safely inside and away from the elements — preferably in an easy-to-clean area like a tiled entryway. Then, make sure each person has a specific role to help cut down on unnecessary foot traffic through the house.

Put one person on truck unloading duty, another stationed at the staging area to take boxes to their designated rooms, and at least one more to unpack them once they’re there. You’ll save time, money, and hassle when you’re not shampooing muddy, snowy footprints out of your new home’s carpets!