Best Splash Pads Open in or Near Grand Rapids

With toasty summer temps stretching into the 90s and the kids feeling cooped up at home during coronavirus, we know what you’re wondering, parents: are splash pads open in Grand Rapids yet? The answer is: absolutely yes!

In fact, there are 14 Grand Rapids splash pads within the city limits alone — and we’re sharing some of our favorite spots where you can take the kids to cool off outdoors (while staying at a safe social distance).

Favorite Splash Pads in Grand Rapids 

These outdoor splash pads in & around Grand Rapids have it all: from extra-fun water features like dumping buckets and spray loop tunnels to on-site playgrounds and picnic areas that’ll take your summer outing over the top!

Millennium Park Beach & Splash Pad (1415 Maynard Ave SW, Walker) Sandy, six-acre beach with a huge splash pad that has over a dozen sprayers, splashers, dumping buckets, and spray loops! Rent paddleboats for the 100-acre lake and hang all day at the swimming beach — then enjoy multiple playscapes, concessions for the kids, and plenty of picnic tables on the plaza! Splash pad open daily from 10am – 7pm in mid-summer and 10am – 6pm in early- and late-summer. *Daily admission fees; season passes available.

Alger Park Splash Pad (921 Alger St SE, Grand Rapids) Grand Rapids’ newest splash pad, with multiple spray and splash features, a spray loop tunnel, bench and picnic seating, and updated restrooms. Open daily from 10am – 9pm.

Mulick Park Splash Pad (1632 Sylvan Ave SE, Grand Rapids) Large splash pad with giant sunflower sprinklers, a spray loop tunnel, and more. Enjoy the on-site playground and picnic tables, plus plenty of green space. Open daily from 10am – 9pm.

Heartside Park Splash Pad (301 Ionia Ave SW, Grand Rapids) Splash pad next to the Downtown Market — with sunflower sprinklers, a spray loop tunnel, and a playground. Let the kids choose some goodies from the Downtown Market (maybe a scoop of Love’s Ice Cream, too!), then spread out your picnic on the grassy lawns and enjoy. Open daily from 10am – 9pm.

Aberdeen Park Splash Pad (2230 Eastern Ave NE, Grand Rapids) Michigan-themed, mitten-shaped splash pad, tucked inside an 18-acre park with a playground and picnic tables. Open daily from 10am – 9pm.

Lamar Park & Splash Pad (2561 Porter St, Wyoming) Universally accessible splash pad with soaker stations, a water tunnel, dumping buckets, and more! Enjoy every bit of this 75-acre park, complete with picnic area and grills, playground, fishing, and more. Open daily from 10am – 8pm.

Pinewood Park Splash Pad (1999 Wolfboro Dr SE, Kentwood) Splash pad with multiple spray, splash, and rain features — tucked inside a large, open-area park with a massive, colorful playscape and tons of space for the kids to run around or fly a kite!

Veterans Memorial Park Splash Pad (355 48th St SE, Kentwood) Splash pad with a spray loop tunnel and dumping buckets — plus restrooms, a picnic shelter, and playgrounds!

Oriole Park Splash Pad (1380 42nd St SW, Wyoming) Splash pad with spray loops, watering sunflowers, a water tunnel, volcano, and fire hydrant — tucked inside a park with a playground, picnic shelter, and a grassy play hill.

Southlawn Park Splash Pad (4125 Jefferson Ave SE, Wyoming) Neighborhood park splash pad with a spray loop tunnel and rainfall sprayer — plus a playground and first-come, first-serve picnic shelter with grills.

Joe Taylor Park Splash Pad (1038 Bemis St SE, Grand Rapids) Baxter neighborhood park with a splash pad that has dumping buckets and a spray loop tunnel. Enjoy a small playground, picnic shelter, and bench seating. Open daily from 10am – 9pm.


More Splash Pads in Grand Rapids

While the Grand Rapids splash pads below may not have all the bells and whistles — like dumping buckets or spray loop tunnels — they’ll still help the kids keep cool this summer (and most have playgrounds and picnic areas, too):

Cherry Park Splash Pad (725 Cherry St SE, Grand Rapids)

Fuller Park Splash Pad (300 Fuller Ave NE, Grand Rapids)

Wilcox Park Splash Pad (100 Youell Ave SE, Grand Rapids)

Highland Park Splash Pad (700 College Ave NE, Grand Rapids)

Lincoln Park Splash Pad (1120 Bridge St NW, Grand Rapids)

Campau Park Splash Pad (50 Antoine St SW, Grand Rapids)

Roosevelt Park Splash Pad (739 Van Raalte Dr SW, Grand Rapids)

Mary Waters Park Splash Pad (1042 Lafayette Ave NE, Grand Rapids)

Gerald R. Ford Academic Center Splash Pad (851 Madison Ave SE, Grand Rapids)