Quarantine Revelations: What to Look for in Your Next Home

Thanks to stay-at-home orders, future homebuyers will likely have new criteria for what they want in a house.

One thing we’ve learned from being hunkered down at home is that there are certain aspects of our houses that we love, and some that we downright loathe. After spending quality – and quantity – time indoors, folks planning to move in upcoming months will inevitably have an improvised list of must-haves for their new space.

Here are a few spots around the house that may be inadequate in your current home – and need a big upgrade in your next.

A place of gathering

While it’s often the heart of the household, an uninviting living room won’t serve its purpose as a hub of relaxation, conversation and fun (like movie and game nights). The ideal living room may not require more or less space, but rather a layout that encourages gathering, like housing Dad’s favorite recliner or a sectional sofa for everyone to cozy up on.

Access to the outdoors

Whether you’ve been cooped up in an apartment or using the living room as a children’s playroom, having easy access to the outdoors – or a grassy yard to call your own – might be a top priority in your home search. It could be a fenced-in backyard for the dog to roam or a balcony to enjoy morning coffee, but there undoubtably will be a newfound appreciation for the great outdoors. You may see new value in having the option to get fresh air and sunshine without leaving home.

An updated kitchen

After weeks of practice, have you gone from mediocre cook to master chef? With a recent passion for cooking, you may want to search for a kitchen with upgraded appliances or a butcher block island.

Ample storage

As life slowly returns to normal, you likely won’t be stocking up on groceries in bulk quantity. That being said, recent stockpiling may have highlighted a lack of storage space in your current home. Going forward, having ample storage is a priority for whatever life throws your way.

A multi-purpose room

While a home office perhaps seemed unnecessary before, it’s possibly starting to look like a great investment now. The extra work-from-home room could also function as a guest bedroom or even a playroom for kids who need room for creativity.

Courtesy of: RE/MAX News | Written by: Leah Curtis