3-3 Method: Facebook Marketing Game Changer for REALTORS

A great technique to stay in contact with your personal network is the Facebook 3-3 Method. Typically people use Facebook to connect with the masses, instead be the exception and use Facebook to connect one-on-one. The impact will be dramatic for your business and your relationships. Here is how you do it.

Write on 3 friends walls every business day. When you write on their wall they are instantly updated, making an instant connection. Remember these are your family and friends, so it should be fairly easy to come up with a message to make 3 people feel special each day. Maybe send them a link to an article about a subject they are interested in or simply ask how things are going in their lives. You will be amazed at the conversations you start and the connections that you make.

Second, private message 3 friends on Facebook everyday. Many people check their Facebook inboxes more often than their email, so if you are not using Facebook for private messaging you are missing out. Keep these messages a little more business focused without being spammy. Let them know you have a buyer looking in their neighborhood and you are wondering if they know anyone looking to sell. Or let them know about the value of homes in their area, or information about a neighbor’s home that sold recently. You get the idea.

This results in 6 connections each business day. That is 30 connections a week. Keep it up for a year and your total connections will grow to 1560! Imagine the impact this will have on your business and your relationships.