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The REALTORS at RE/MAX of Grand Rapids are the best of the best.  REAL Trends ranks our agents #13 in the entire nation in productivity and #1 in all of Michigan!  That’s a level of productivity you can’t beat, because, after all, more transactions per agent = more experienced agents.  Join us and learn from the best of the best in the country.

Jim Rohn said, “You will become the combined average of the five people you hang around the most. You will have their combined attitude, health and income.” 

Recognizing this truth, how do we use it to our advantage? It’s simple. If we want to advance our lives personally and professionally, we must associate ourselves with people who will be a positive influence on our lives.

Do you play golf? If so, do you notice how you play better when you play with better players?

Do you play card games? Again, do you notice how you step up your game when you play with better competitors?

When we associate with others who have a greater skill set or have achieved more, we are challenged. It brings out the best in us and inspires us to do better. Observing and modeling someone’s positive example will help us reach new heights. We’re not just talking sports and games here. This applies to everything we do.  Including our real estate careers.

The statistics speak for themselves.  If you want to take your real estate career to the next level surround yourself with the best of the best at RE/MAX of Grand Rapids and watch your career travel to new heights.

Contact us today at RE/MAX of Grand Rapids to find out more information about the #13 brokerage in the entire nation.