Three Types of Facebook Ads Every REALTOR Needs

When you use Facebook for lead generation you need to focus on capturing leads, creating appointments and closing on sales.  Your goal is to create the optimal Facebook ad funnel. In order to do so you will need to run three vital types of Facebook advertisements.

Top Layer: Content Marketing. Content marketing’s goal is to build trust and gain recognition by providing value.  This would include links to quality blog posts, videos or podcasts.  Really anything that entices someone to click through a lot is appropriate in this situation.

Second Layer: Conversion Marketing:  All of your conversion ads should link to an offer or capture page.  These ads are linked to you lead magnets and landing pages.  A good example is a “Free Home Value Report” or “What is Your Home Worth” page.

Bottom Layer: Closing Marketing Closing marketing ads should be focused on getting your leads to read customer reviews, sign up for a new webinar, speak with a REALTOR, call now to learn more or get a discount on their next stay.

The goal of this Ad progression are simple:

  1. Use content marketing to create traffic
  2. Use conversion marketing to understand who might be willing to put heir toes in the sand
  3. Use closing marketing as an attempt to make a sale